Welcome to my FalconRose Photo 365 Challenge

I have decided to take a "photo a day" for a full year. In this challenge, I want to test my photographic and artistic skills as much as I can over the full year. And at the end of this, I want to continue this blog for as long as it is feasibly possible. Hopefully you'll enjoy coming along with me on this photographic journey. Enjoy.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey, Someone Foamed The Fountain!!!


Someone's rather destructive method of playing a ill-timed April Fool's Day prank. This makes more work cleaning up for the Parks Staff.

Note: I have been sick with a lung infection for well-over 3 months and got smacked with a sinus infection on top of that March 2nd and have been laid up for damned near close to a month. So in that vein I am going to start over my 365 blog and choose April 1st, 2011 as my re-started date.

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